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Gallery of Scolytus propinquus Blandford in bark of Lonchocarpus sp. Chamela, Jalisco, Mexico. T.H. Atkinson

Bark beetles and ambrosia beetles form a large group of small wood-boring beetles that bore into trees, shrubs and vines in all forest and shrub habitats throughout the world, from deserts to rain forests. A wide variety of hosts are used. The best known species are destructive pests of coniferous forests, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. Other species may be pests of ornamental, fruit, and forest trees. Some of these are vectors of serious fungal diseases. Most species are not considered economically important. The group is very diverse in terms of life cycles, host plants interactions and behavior.

This site is dedicated to the bark and ambrosia beetles of the New World. Information presented here is based on a database that includes 63,822 collection records for 7,691 species. At present, information on species from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Central America is essentially complete. Host and distribution records are taken from 316 articles, monographs, and other databases. Numerous unpublished records are also included. At present this information is accessible via expandible checklists for:

Through the checklists and indices, information on synonyms, host plants, distribution, images, and distribution maps for individual species is available. Checklists for individual states and provinces (Canada, U.S., Mexico) and Central American countries can be generated.

The database includes a lot of records from South America. At present these data are not accessible (except for records for species also found from Alaska to Panamá). I am actively adding records from South America and the Caribbean. Next stop: Tierra del Fuego, figuratively speaking.

Image Library.   An image library includes 10,990 photographs and line drawings for 1,975 species from North, Central, and South America. These come from a wide variety of published and unpublished sources. Additional images from others are welcomed. Please contact me for details.

Almost by definition, this site and associated pages will always be a work in progress. Once the information is posted, I can't control how viewers use it. I would strongly suggest that the information not be quoted without contacting me. The posted information may not be the most current. Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, and suggestions. Inevitably in a project of this size there will be errors of all sorts, so let me know if you come across any. Many of these errors do not become apparent until groups of records are summarized, tabulated or mapped.

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