The image gallery includes 15138 images from 2323 species of bark and ambrosia beetles. These are mostly color photographs created by stacking (montaging) multiple images. Also included are some scanning electron microscope photographs and line drawings. The original image collection was based on my SEM photographs and line drawings for publications on the fauna of Mexico and the southeastern U.S. It has since grown to include a large number of species from temperate North America and South and Central America. It also includes a growing number of Old World species.

At present only images are included that I consider useful as an aide to identifying species. In general there are no photos of galleries, hosts, or other aspects of bark and ambrosia beetle biology.

The largest sources of images are:

  • My own photographs, mostly of Mexican and Neotropical species. (5824 images of 920 species).
  • Due to the assistance of Michael Whiting (Brigham Young University) and the heirs of the late S.L. Wood I have been able to add all of the photographs used in plates in Wood's South American monograph (2007) (1674 images of 435 species).
  • Dr. Sarah Smith, with support from the U.S. Forest Service, is taking high quality photographs of all of S.L. Wood's primary types recently deposited in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. These include 5932 images of 1181 species.

Other colleagues have allowed me to post some of their published and unpublished images, notably Alexander Petrov, Steven Valley, Jiri Hulcr, and L.R. Kirkendall. Increasingly I am adding photographs and line drawings from taxonomic publications and web sites suchs as Insect Images and Bugguide.

Images can be accessed through several means:

While some of these have been published, most have not been including some of undescribed species. The files at this site are low resolution, suitable for screen use only. Previously published images are available for downloading at high resolution at Insect Images. Higher quality versions of images shown here must be requested directly from their authors or institutions.

Published images included in galleries are taken from the following 0 publications

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